Become a new BOV Customer!

Apply for your first BOV personal account in a few simple steps:

​​​​​① Fill out our online application form with accurate and up to date details.
② Take a clear photo of your ID card (both front and back) or passport.
③ Submit your application

Once we process your application, we will get in touch to book a 15-minute appointment at your preferred BOV branch to set up your account. We might ask you for additional documentation, based on your circumstances. 

How to take a good photo of your ID card or passport:

• Use a well-lit area that is not too bright or too dark. Avoid using flash.
• Hold the document flat and position it directly in front of the camera. Make sure that the entire document is visible and in focus.
• Ensure that there are no reflections or shadows on the document. Hold it at an angle that reduces any glare or shadow.
• Keep the camera straight and aligned with the document to ensure that it is not distorted.
• Make sure you have both the front and the back of your ID Card photographed.


You should use this application if you:
• are over 16 years of age by the end of the year;
• have never banked with Bank of Valletta; and
• would like to open a personal account.

This application is not applicable for business accounts.

By pressing Continue, I confirm that I have understood the above and wish to continue.